Our History

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project was founded in 2004 by Dr. Whitney Jones, a Louisville gastroenterologist with a passion for preventing colon cancer. Dr. Jones began the organization after diagnosing several patients with colon cancer within one week. Knowing the cancer is highly preventable with appropriate screening, he set out to make a change.

The Project began as a small grassroots organization with a large mission of eliminating preventable colon cancer death and suffering. It quickly grew to include work across Kentucky, Indiana, and the country. The Project is known as a "mover and shaker" in the region for raising colon cancer awareness and increasing screening rates.

The Project is now based in Louisville, Ky. and encompasses volunteers throughout the state and two full-time staff members.

Dr. Jones has been recognized locally and nationally for his work, including winning  2011 Laurel Award for Advocacy from the Prevent Cancer Foundation. He is a regular speaker at community, state, and national events.


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