An Indiana girl's poem for her mom

This is a poem by Madi Burns, the teenage daughter of Lisa Burns (click here to see Lisa's story). Lisa died at age 43.

This poem touches on so much we can relate to. Thank you, Madi, for sharing this with us.

Where I'm From

I am from cold gusty rooms

Filled with dashing colors

I am from the old broken swing,

Hanging from a tall oak tree

Standing aside my bedroom window

I am from sharp rocks puncturing my feet

As I chase after the ball rolling down the hillside

I'm from the galloping horse

Swaing their tails to and fro

I'm from the cowboy hats to the spurs

The princess crown to the heels

I am from the cancer punching a hole

In my family's heart

As we remember her laughter

As we remember she is in a better place now

Above my dresser lies the memories we kept

The band she wore with love to my father

And the candle to celebrate her beautiful life

I am from the laughter to the tears

I am from the blackouts to broken bones

I am from a family of promises

I am from the gray house on the hill.

---Madi Burns

Why men should "man up"

My dad absolutely hated going to the hospital. That's why, when he started having strange symptoms like bleeding in his bowel movements, he chalked it up to minor issues and waited it out.

During his wait, his colon cancer got from bad to worse. By the time he had a colonoscopy, he was at Stage III.

This article, called "Men don't man up when it comes to cancer screening," highlights a study at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida that realized that "41% of the men had never had a cancer screening while only 5% of women had never been screened.

The article continues:

"Researchers believe the participation gap could be related to more cancer awareness programs for women--the entire month of October is dedicated to breast cancer.

Dr. Shivnani said men can and should be more proactive.

"Certainly men in general need to be better at giving a detailed family history to their physicians they can be appropriately counseled for when they need to start these screenings.”

---Andrea Uhde Shepherd, Executive Director
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