"As of Monday, I was told I have 3 to 4 months to live"

These are the words George Foster of Owensboro told the Health and Welfare committee in Frankfort last week.

"On Monday, I was told I have 3 to 4 months to live."

Farmer came all the way to Frankfort that day to testify on colon cancer's impact on Kentucky, and to support funding a state-wide screening program. Reps. Jim Glenn and Bob DeWeese have filed a bill asking for $8 million for the program, which was formed in 2008 but has not received any state funds to date.

This is a major bill, and we need to get it funded to save lives.

Foster shared more of his story before the committee last week, and also Dr. Whitney Jones with the Colon Cancer Prevention Project testified.

Listen and see what they said and the reactions of legislators here. It's a long video, but luckily the part your looking for is the very beginning - just the first 15 minutes.

The fight for funding the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project, stakeholders and elected leaders are working hard to get the $8 million needed in the next two years to kickstart Kentucky's Colon Cancer Screening Program.

Why do we care? Because Kentucky is one of the worst states in the country for colon cancer mortality, with more than 800 deaths each year. Because screening saves lives. Because too many Kentuckians are uninsured and can't afford screening or haven't heard about it.

Today, Rep. Jim Glenn of Owensboro introduced the bill to fund the program to the Health and Welfare committee in Frankfort. Dr. Whitney Jones with the Colon Cancer Prevention Project spoke, as well as a man from Owensboro who recently learned his colon cancer has returned, and he has just five months to live.

To see what Dr. Jones had to say, visit the Founder's Corner on this site.

Members of the committee were all supportive of this bill and efforts to increase screening. Now, as the session gets closer, we must really push for make this happen.

Are you interested in helping? Contact your legislator and tell them how important this bill is to you!

---Andrea Uhde Shepherd, Executive Director, Colon Cancer Prevention Project

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