Kentucky now home to an NCI-designated cancer center

Great news: The University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center is the state's first National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center.

This opens "the door to the newest and most innovative research and treatments in a state with the nation’s highest cancer death rate," says a Courier-Journal article about the announcement. 

UK also announced its partnership in this with Norton Cancer Institute; the initiative means Norton patients will have access to new treatments through UK.

"Patients at Norton’s institute, which NCI named a community cancer center in 2010, will have access to new UK clinical trials, Evers said, and in most cases will be able to participate from Louisville.Markey has more than 200 clinical trials under way. Evers said he doesn’t yet have a list of all the new clinical trials that will become available but said many will focus on the major cancers afflicting the state, including lung, colorectal and breast cancer."

Read the full story here.

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