How to file an appeal with your insurance

Here's something that hits close to home for me. Before I had my first colonoscopy a few years ago, I called my insurance company to make sure it would be covered.

Their answer: Yes. Fully covered.

So imagine my surprise when a $2,000 bill arrived in the mail a month later. WHAT?!?

I contacted the Colon Cancer Prevention Project, where I was a volunteer at the time, and they assisted me with filing an appeal. It was completely covered, but not without some emotional stress.

It's important to be aware of what your insurance company covers, and to know your powers when it comes to filing an appeal.

Also, check out this link, which has a helpful template and tips for filing an appeal for a colonoscopy you shouldn't have been charged for. Thanks to the National Women's Law Center for putting this together.

---Andrea Shepherd, Executive Director


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