Interested in volunteering?

I just finished a long list of volunteer opportunities the Colon Cancer Prevention Project has.

I can't say enough how much we love our volunteers. They are so important to our mission of saving lives!

I'm pasting the opportunities below. Please consider them, and share with a friend!




The Colon Cancer Prevention Project’s volunteers are essential to what we do. We have a long list of opportunities; let us know what interests you, and we will provide more information on how you can get started!

Have questions? Contact Andrea Shepherd at (502) 290-0288 or


  • Help with mailings
  • Update address and phone lists
  • Graphic design work
  • Help with editing - online newsletters, web site content, etc. 
  • Reaching out to volunteers, supporters, those who are impacted by colon cancer


Support a bill that will help uninsured people get screened and others to be educated about colon cancer screening

  • E-mail your state legislators and voice support for funding the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program (contact us for a template. Find your legislator at
  • Invite others to e-mail their legislators to show support for funding the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program
  • Help organize or attend a grassroots meeting to discuss ways your community can support the bill to fund the state-wide screening program
  • Meet with your legislator or call them and tell them how colon cancer has impacted you and why colon cancer screening is important
  • Attend our March 1 rally in Frankfort


So many don’t know about colon cancer. Spread the word.

  • Volunteer at our booth at health fairs throughout the year
  • Be trained to set up the Giant Educational Colon at various events around town
  • Organize an educational day about colon cancer in your workplace. We will provide materials, speakers, and anything else you might need.
  • Send out letters to family and friends telling them how colon cancer has impacted you, and educating them on the risks and symptoms, as well as the importance of screening at the appropriate age. 
  • "Like" our page on Facebook, and tell your friends to, too!
  • Sign up for our newsletter, and tell your friends to, too!
  • Organize a “Dress in Blue” day in your community, work place, school
  • Distribute educational materials in your community


Fundraising is key to our success. The money raised for the Project goes to educate people on screening and help people get screened. Fundraising helps save lives.

  • Form a team for the annual Walk Away from Colon Cancer & 5K Run and set a fundraising goal for your group
  • Sell Colon Cancer Prevention Projects for donations at your school, business, or organization
  • Organize a bake sale
  • Organize a yard sale and donate the profit to colon cancer education
  • Organize a group to collect donations at an intersection around your town one afternoon
  • Organize a “Dress in Blue Day” at your school, office, or group, and ask for donations
  • Organize a fundraiser at a local venue that will donate part of its proceeds
  • Know of a grant that we should apply for, or some funding revenue we should look into? Let us know!
  • Invite! Bring people to our events!


Join one of our committees:

  • 5K Walk/Run planning committee (meets monthly starting in January; more often in June-August)
  • Young Professionals committee (meets anywhere from monthly to twice a month)
  • Champions (a new survivor group that meets monthly)
  • Gala planning committee


  • Partner with people who have been diagnosed with colon cancer to provide friendship and support


sharing your story has power

  • Share your story of how colon cancer has impacted you through a 2-3 minute video. We have the tools to film it; just set up a time with us.
  • Write your story of how colon cancer has impacted you down
  • Share your story with our executive director, allowing her to write it on paper
  • Be creative: Draw a picture or share a poem that tells the story of how colon cancer has impacted you


come to our events!

  • join our annual Walk Away from Colon Cancer & 5K Run! It is the last Saturday in August each year. Form a team or fundraise as an individual. Contact us for more information on how to do this!
  • Come to the rally at the capital in Frankfort, Ky. and join the crowd in showing its support for funding for colon cancer screening. The rally is held sometime during the first few months of each year. 
  • Own a business? Apply to have a booth at our 5K! Or participate in our silent auction - it’s a great way to spread the word on what you do.
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Like us on Facebook, and tell your friends
  • Come to our gala next March, and our golf scramble in May
  • Look for even more upcoming events! 


We are growing into more communities


  • A family in Indiana is organizing a Walk Away from Colon Cancer & 5K Run in honor of a loved one in their community. You can do the same!
  • Join one of our upcoming committees in Lexington, Ky. or Owensboro, Ky. that will plan a 5K run and educational activities in that area.
  • Start your own branch of CCPP! Ask us how!


Be creative! We are open to new ideas


  • We are constantly looking to add new events, educational opportunities, support systems. Have an idea? We want to hear it!

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