Can you say, "win-win!"?

Community Health Charities

I'm very excited today to announce that the Colon Cancer Prevention Project is now a member of Community Health Charities of Kentucky, a group that joins caring people who want to give regularly through their paycheck with trustworthy charities. We are one of the charities selected to be on the list of workplace donation choices for employees who give through Community Health Charities!

What this means, is this: If you work at a business that has a workplace giving program called Community Health Charities, you are now able to sign up through CHC to give directly out of your paycheck to the Project!

What a wonderful way to support this life-saving program! And it's completely trouble-free - CHC does all the work for you.

Can you say, "win-win!"?

For more information on Community Health Charities, visit

---Andrea Uhde Shepherd

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