Gov. Steve Beshear and partners during a March 2012 rally organized by the Colon Cancer Prevention Project.

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project's efforts

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project worked with partners across the state in 2008 to get the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program installed.

In 2011-2012, the Project led the advocacy work that resulted in $1 million from the state budget being allotted to the program. It was the first time funding had ever been approved for the Program.

Read Dr. Whitney Jones' speech to the Health & Welfare Committee here.

The Project is a partner in the screening program that has been funded in Louisville, Ky. - the 4th worst city in the nation for colon cancer mortality, among cities with a population greater than 500,000.

The Project will also work with funded programs across the state to help make the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program a success, and will continue to advocate for funding for the program.

YOU CAN HELP continue this program

Contact us today at (502) 290-0288 or ashepherd@c2p2ky.org to learn how you can help advocate for continued funding for this program.


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