The Colon Cancer Prevention Project in and the Kentucky Department for Public Health worked together to collect stories from people across Kentucky who have been screened in 2013 through the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program. Here are their stories of how the screening impacted them:

William Dake M D

"We have an underserved population," said Dr. William Dake, a family practitioner at Health First of the Bluegrass. "This was a great opportunity to get access to screening for those patients. It's one thing to encourage them to get a test done they may generally not be able to afford. This allows them to get something done and not just give good advice."

Tamara A

"This program is really important to me. I may need it again. I want to see it continued, in case I need it again, or in case anyone I love may need it. I think it's important to keep this program around because it's going to save lives."

---Tamara McNabb, who is at a high risk for colon cancer

Brian Stricklin

This was a miracle," said Brian Stricklin of Lexington, whose father had colon cancer. "My doctors wanted me to be screened very badly. They found three polyps. If I hadn't been screened, the polyps would still be doing what they do. I probably would have ended up like my dad. (Now) I know I don't have this little time bomb in me."


Patricia Holtman Jessamine County

"This program saved my life"

---Patricia Holtman, Jessamine County, who was screened and had a pre-cancerous polyp



"I had two pre-cancerous polyps removed. My doctor was very happy I had the screening. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting tested."

---Gloria Wells, Louisville, who's sister recently died from colon cancer










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