Notes from Fighters' Fund Grant Recipients

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"(The Fighters' Fund) mailed me a check for $200 to help me to pay for my co-pays, fuel for travel to my treatments, and other personal items that I might need on a daily basis. I just couldn't believe that people like the Fighters' Fund wanted to help someone that they didn't even know."--- a Kentuckian diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in 2012

"I feel very blessed to have received such a gift." -- Judy Marcum, who used part of her grant to buy gas to and from cancer treatment

Another recipient shared that her husband was diagnosed at age 32, and they have five children and one on the way. He is self-employed, and with treatment hasn't been able to work much. "His diagnosis caused a lot of upheavel in our family and business," she wrote. "Despite all this, we have experienced great peace, hope and provision through our relationship with Jesus, a great medical team, people that love us, and help through foundations like yours. We will use the money to help cover some of our monthly bills."

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