Football saved his life

Roy Potts

In April 2006, Roy Potts went to have his annual physical for SEC Football Officiating.

During the physical, the doctor found a trace of blood in his stool sample; the doctor didn't think it was anything since his blood work was good. However, the doctor scheduled a Colonoscopy for late April just to be sure. The Gastroenterologist also thought it wasn't anything serious based on the blood work. During the colonoscopy, they found a tumor. Within a month, Roy had surgery to remove the tumor and it was unfortunately cancerous. He was then scheduled for 6 months of chemo.

Following the chemo, he was scheduled for colonoscopies for the next 4 consecutive years beginning in 2007. This year, he had a follow-up colonoscopy and it was clean! Therefore, he is not scheduled for another 5-years. His Oncologist said that after 8-10 years, the chances of a reoccurrence would be less than 5%. Roy, and his family, thank football officiating for saving his life, but he cannot emphasize the importance of having a colon cancer screening. He was very lucky, but preventive testing is the key to defeating Colon Cancer!

Sisters bond through colon screenings


"My name is Susan Record and I’m 52 years old, married with two grown children. My parents are still living and I have two sisters, one older and one younger. My family is very close and my sisters and I are always doing something together, the story about to share is one thing I never thought my sisters and I would do together, but so glad we did!

I have always been very faithful about going for my yearly exams with my gynecologist. As I like to call it to get my tires rotated (mammogram) and have my oil checked (Pap smear). When I turned 49 my doctor started talking about me having a colonoscopy.  Of course I said “Oh no my exhaust system is fine, no need for anyone to go bothering it!”   I felt that my privates where invaded enough, no need to go there! So of course for two years he asks every time I saw him and I said no thank you.

So summer of 2013 arrived I was in Cancun Mexico for the first time with three wonderful girl friends. We had just had four great days of fun, food and sun! Love summer, what a way to start it off, it’s going to be a great one!

As I was getting ready to board my flight for home I get a call from my daughter (Makenzie). She tells me my Dad is in the hospital, tests are being done, but not sure what is wrong. He is very weak and they are giving him blood. I quiz her about what could be going on, she is an RN, but she won’t say anything for sure. So it’s time to board the plane so I tell her I will call when we land in a couple of hours.

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