Kristin's Story: My Father-In-Law has Lynch Syndrome


Kristin PIckerell shared why she participates in the Walk Away from Colon Cancer & 5K Run:

"I am participating in this event due to my personal connection to colon cancer—my father-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer at the young age of 47. It was determined that the type of cancer he had was hereditary, so my husband was tested and was also positive for the gene (it’s called Lynch Syndrome or HNPCC type colon cancer). Thankfully my father-in-law did wonderful with his chemotherapy and is healthy today. I want to help raise awareness of how preventable colon cancer is and how screenings can save lives. My husband (age 33) now gets his colonoscopy every 1-2 years due to him having the gene, but the general public should know about the screening standards to improve the screening rates and decrease the amount of colon cancers in the U.S. I am excited to be a part of this event!"

---Kristin Pickerell, Charlestown, Indiana

Amy's Story: I was diagnosed at 41

(Amy and her husband Robert, who she calls "my rock")
 "I participate in the Colon Cancer 5K due to my personal fight against Colon Cancer. 
"On December 1, 2010:  I went in for a routine colonoscopy after several symptoms that I had had for almost 2 years that I could no longer ignore.  I had ignore the symptoms for so long due to the fact that there was no cancer anywhere in my family (huge family) and I was only 39 when the symptoms started.
"December 1, 2010: I went in for a colonoscopy that my Gastro doc said was a routine colonoscopy for what he was almost certain hemorrhoids.  Surprise!!  Doctor Cox found 2 polyps and a tumor.  After a rush on the biopsy it was confirmed that at age 41 I had Stage 1 Colon Cancer. WOW - me colon cancer??  At age 41 - I always did like to things my way.
"But I know I got lucky - ignored my symptoms for 2 years and then to be diagnosed with only Stage 1 Colon Cancer.  Yes mom, I promise never to ignore anything again.  (Sorry had to put that in there for mom).
"December 16, 2010:  I have my surgery to remove my tumor and part of my colon.  I was very lucky.  Dr. Patrick Williams - my oncologist - determined I would not need chemo or radiation. 
"I now go in every 6 months for blood work and now I'm up to yearly cat scans to determine that I am still cancer free.
"Colon Cancer is a such a preventable disease.  We need to work on lowering the age for the recommended first colonoscopy.  We also need to work on getting more people to talk about Colon Cancer.  This is one disease we can - and WILL - beat.
"Please join our fight against this 'crappy' disease (LOL).  Join the Colon Cancer Prevention Project today."
Thank you.
---Amy Gnau Ganote, Louisville
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