My dad's story: He hasn't given up

"My Dad was told he had cancer on April 30th of 2010, this was the worst news I had ever heard, especially since when I got to the hospital he told me that I didn't need to stay, he was just having "digestive problems", luckily the surgeon come into the room and started talking about chemo, cancer, colon, spots on liver, kidneys... I was in shock, not my Daddy. He is so very strong, still fighting this cancer everyday, I am proud of his achievements. He was elected Realor of the Year in Kentucky which is a great honor, my Dad always happy to be in a crowd can hardly walk the steps to accept, but he did!!! He hasn't given up and my words to anyone that has or know someone that has colon cancer, it is a ugly battle, that is step by step, day by day. But FIGHT never give up!! I love you Dad, my rock!!"

---Robin Prince, Prestonsburg, Ky.

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